[1788-1790] New Americana

Hi! :)




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  1. Hej :) Śliczne prace ! Najbardziej podoba mi się drugi szablon (nagłówek śliczny), pierwszy i drugi nagłówek, no i sygnaturka tytułowa :)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam też do mnie ^^

    Lailaa ;3

  2. OMG! Leona!!
    Your work is just.. INCREDIBLE! My fave are second layout, 12 and 4 blend, wow!!And all the signatures, they are just amazing. You have a big talent, I can't.. wow <3 I'm jealous, eh!!
    I download a model pack, have a great day
    Hanchesteria xx

  3. Omg, there is a very big improvement between this and previous post. Yours previuos post was good, but this one is flawless. You need to improve your css, but graphics is perfect :D

  4. Amazing. I hope you'll make me one once <3 Ilysm :*

  5. Wow! honestly? Your works it's amazing! I agree Lydia, graphic it's beautiful, but Css it's not perfect.
    but if you only have a little work, I think that the summary of your internship will be only a formality

  6. Dear Women! Im so jelous of how great you can use stocks! In my opinion, all you need to do is focusing more on CSS, because graphic is just perfect. The headers you choose for layout are not the one, I would choose, because the three headers you made with Jennifer, Kendal, and the one in yellows and greys are much better! And the one with Jennifer just stole my heart! - I like how blues color is mostly only on right and left, how white is the main colour in the middle and stocks you choose. For me, eerything is on place and nothing would make it look better!

    Signatures, all of them are just great! nice colours, models... : )