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  1. 1738 - There is very interesting and unconventional arrangement, so... different. ;) And I love the actress in this header, so you impressed me, because no everyone do templates with her. :)
    1739 - I like this work so much. <3 This combination of colors - black with pink - I like it. ;) And css is cool, maybe there is not so many effects but it's okay. ;D
    1740 - This template is fine, too. :) But I'm not sure if this menu matches into this template (I don't know how it say in English). :/

    First header is very pretty. I like this effect with circles behind the model. :)
    Second header... hm... I'm not sure what I think about it. Perhaps I don;t like this dark colors... And I think you should add one more inscription, under smaller girl.
    First and third version of the last header I like the most. <3 Maybe I would dropped a little the model but nonetheless all this work is nice. :)

    1. Thank you, Aveline :) Your opinions are very helpful!

  2. Beautiful works ♥
    Second and third version of the last header are the best. ♥
    I think, that you should work on the subtitles to work looked better.
    I'm not good in English, so I'm sorry for the mistakes. I hope that you understand me. :D

    1. Thank you :D That is not problem, i understood you.

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    1. proszę czytać regulamin! Leona jest stażystką i nie przyjmuje zamówień. Poza tym we wszystkich postach Leony piszemy w języku angielskim

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    1. proszę czytać regulamin! Leona jest stażystką i nie przyjmuje zamówień. Poza tym we wszystkich postach Leony piszemy w języku angielskim

  5. Hi Leo! Not long ago I commented on the work, so it's time to change. At the beginning of the headlines that captivated me, and I wonder why not done a template for them? The second is great and I can not get a good look at him! Actually, each of the headers is dazzling and deplore the fact that there are templates, but oh well;)

    Go into templates.
    My favorite is number two. It has beautiful gadgets titles, header and side. It is perfect and the other with him hide.
    The first is as Aveline said another. Graphically, I do not like - you can see exactly cut the figure and it looks ugly. In total, I have the impression that the headline is blurred and not from this site what it should.

    In the third and lacks coherence. Not all the colors fit together. I am waiting until you think of something or other gadgets as archives of your blog. If you do not know the selectors to toss you a link, where they are listed.


    The text is in Polish, but if you throw it to a translator to quickly translate it to you. I hope that somehow will use this site;)

    1. Thank you! It was very helpful. I know some selectors, but not the all (just what i usually use). (Thank you for the link, now i know what do you mean by the gadgets exactly)

  6. beautiful templates and headers. My number one is the 1st header ♥ I love it <: I like model on this blend. Can you make template with 1st header? It will be awesome. I really enjoy your arts c:

    1. Thank you very much :) Maybe i'll try to make it.

  7. Fantastic works :)
    I love first header ♥